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Eckhart Tolle: Personal and Transcendental Love
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Her surrender is effortless. This loving, willing surrender flows from a place of overwhelming awe, taking her to mysterious places within herself that she did not even know existed.

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And in this continuous surrender, the joys, the ecstasies, the intoxication she experiences lifts her from the realm of law to the realm of spirit. This is not just an aural experience. An indescribable sweetness flows on her tongue. The reverence and devotion that she experiences after this surrender is inexpressible.

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No longer is she ruled by self-gratification, and the only thing that she desires is to adore her Beloved. This devotional love is not optional nor is it dependent on receiving anything from her Beloved. The only thing that she seeks is to please, honor and live at the feet of her Beloved. No longer caged, she soars. The experiences that flow from this profound interaction instill an unwavering faith in her heart, which enables her to rise, serve and also sacrifice.

Imbued is this love she is transformed into a warrior-martyr. This is the power of Sabad-Guru, that takes ordinary beings and makes them extra-ordinary.

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Sure, we use the word a great deal, and yes, we say we love things, but I think most are confused about what a Transcendent Love is all about. What do we ultimately want from our romantic relationships? Why are humans so compelled to seek out love and companionship? After all.

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Sohni swam Chenab to meet Mahival at night. Ranjha and Hir are known for their love of each other. So legendary is the love of the disciples, who sing of their Beloved in early hours. Separated, they wither. Years later, they meet. Love is not a transaction. Love does not measure, it just flows.

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We feel uneasy at the possibility of meeting halfbreed heretics. There could be trouble. What would people think? A woman approaches. She is from the seedy part of town, perhaps, and comes to the well when the respectable women are safely at home. We gather our robes a little tighter, noting her careless glance and heavy perfume.

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A shared drink is intimate. She is startled, but only for a moment. The wanton is answering back. What in the world could Jesus be talking to her about? They have absolutely nothing in common. But just look at him. It almost seems he has gotten his second wind.

Transcendent Love

One would think he had, well, eaten lunch and had a good nap. How can Jesus talk about theology with a halfbreed female religious renegade who comes to the well at noon? This is preposterous. He is talking to her the way he talks to us, his friends.

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Only we never heard him say things quite like he is saving to her. He is saying true worship has nothing to do with a temple or a nation. No temple? No flags or fight songs? The Sadducees had better not get wind of this. He just told her he is the Messiah, the one she has been waiting for. Now she is weeping—weeping and laughing, all at the same time. They both are.

Walking in the light that came from the Father, full of grace and truth, Jesus showed us what it means to love the world transcendently. Now he invites us to go and do likewise. The world looks to economic systems, political systems, and civil rights for a transcendence that can only come through Christ. CBE advances the gospel by equipping Christians to use their God-given talents in leadership and service regardless of gender, ethnicity, or class.

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He loves righteousness. And not only is Christ the righteousness of God, but if we are in Him we have been made the righteousness of God in Him 2 Cor. But the most amazing thing is that everyone who is in Christ is loved by the Father to the same extent that Christ Himself is loved by the Father. He loves Himself for His infinite beauty and purity.

He loves the Son infinitely, for the Son is the essence of the Father.

And the Father loves those for whom the Son died infinitely. First published in Tabletalk Magazine , an outreach of Ligonier. For permissions, view our Copyright Policy. Don Kistler is founder and president of The Northampton Press.