Spiritual Awakenings: Stories of Praise and Redemption

Bible Verses About Revival – 11 Scriptures To Revive Us Again
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HowToLife is a fast-growing global youth movement of students mobilized together to lead their peers to stand and live for Jesus. June 25, Emily Adams ran into a Spark of Revival on her return trip home from the Northeast Decision Tour with Franklin Graham, where they saw almost people make decisions for Christ. Emily tells how she met an Uber Driver that was taking her home and how God is using him to reach others for Christ through his work as an Uber Driver. Sparks of Revival can show up in places that we would least expect.

June 10, Sparks of Revival: Greg and Suzanne Winslow. Greg Winslow and a team from his ministry met at the arena days before the Decision America Northeast Tour, praying for America and that God would reach into the thousands of lives in attendance with the Gospel and see many come to Christ. The Lord began to deal with them concerning the great need the United States has for a move of the Spirit and moved their family back to New England in May 22, Sparks of Revival: Artist, Lisa Nelthropp.

Lisa paints historical and primitive paintings, portraits and murals from the and 19th century.

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Lisa's mission statement is to preserve a part of our national heritage by painting in the styles of the early American itinerant limners. April 26, Sparks of Revival: Unite Mississippi. April 20, Sparks of Revival Episode 1: What is Revival? Sparks of Revival are burning all around us. What can you do to fan the flames?

It may loom as a question within you that seems unanswerable.. Begin to develop your eyes to see revival in your world. Learn the truth of revival history. Discover the joy of true repentance in Jesus and pray with the global Body of Christ for the Holy Spirit to flow unhindered through the United States and the world. January 5, January 1, December 28, December 22, December 16, December 13, He inserted an ink cartridge into the pen and sat in a chair overlooking the sea and mountains on the west coast of British Columbia.

The next inevitable question is — Who would be interested in this work? I reply that there are four audiences. I saw that Oak Creek ran through the Red Rock country of Sedona like a thread — drawing the canyons together. My exploration began with this Water element. I understood the sequence as the correspondence of all things to each other driven by the feminine vessel of enlightenment. I have always thought of the present millennium as the century of the daughters. Not so much as a gender separate thing, but as attributes of a holistic, nurturing presence of mind.

The feminine principle is the creator of all matter including the five elements and ourselves. This is why I began my exploration of the region with Water. Oak Creek was fed by spring water from the sacred canyons and she carried their unique energies in one stream. The foundation of the book is the feminine principle with a strong, powerful female character whose task is that of tutoring male stubbornness to surrender to the Muse. This book will be sought out by men who acknowledge the feminine principle as a staple foundation of their masculinity. The story of my resistance, then final surrender, to The Muse will strike a chord within most men and provide encouragement for their persistent engagement with the internal feminine.

Feminists will applaud and readily endorse such a book.

The strong characters in the book are all women and the book revolves around the difficulties for men of engaging with the internal feminine principle. The testosterone ended drive of modern society raises the prospect of our species going over the cliff into the abyss. Trailing Sky Six Feathers moves the pendulum the other way to create a balance. Environmentalists In Chapter Seven: The Compass Changes, my point was that in every mind there is a Failsafe that would activate when matters grew so bad that moving to a new mindset would be inevitable.

I argued that the notion of innate earth wisdom, when combined with tipping points in the mind and counter culture, would be sufficient to change our collective mentality in the direction of better earth stewardship and a new spiritual paradigm. That our overpopulated, technologically based civilization may not adapt to a fast changing future without wrecking the environment. If we wreck the environment we are toast. I knew to look for the means to shift our mind set. Planetary care is woven into this book in both the 18th and 21st centuries.

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The Wisdom of the Elders about the spiritual connection of humans with the Earth Mother provides the template for renewal in the first three chapters. That template is taken into the 21st century with my activism for planetary care through the Friends for Peace organization I established and write about in later chapters. This consistent address of environmental issues directly appeals to the growing environmental movement that Global Warming and Climate Change has catalyzed in the 21st century.

Students encouraged me to get belligerent about Climate Change and its consequences. I enlisted their brilliance and diligence with a collective focus on eco-communities — from rural communities to urban condos — and promised to get testy. This adventure into the pre-conditions for eco-communities, however, had a much bigger intent. It reflected the particular shift in mindset required to salvage the global ecosystem for human habitation.

Wherever we are located on the planet — it is essential to conduct ourselves as being part of a global eco-community. An edited collection emerged from the enthusiasm, insights and sheer hard work of these students. This mentoring exercise with brilliant ecology students produced an excellent volume, which contributed to the Earth Day Environmental Award I received at the Canadian Museum of Civilization.

The highlight for me, however, was not the award. It was that the majority of students in this class chose to work as environmentalists in different sectors of the Canadian economy. They cared as much as I did and that was deeply fulfilling. When I look at the younger generation emerging into maturity, I see beyond the ipods, electronic gadgetry and attitude to the deep intelligence that yearns for something better. I love their in-your-face attitude, as that is the energy of determination that will drive them to put things into balance on the planet.

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They are not caught so readily by the identities and trade-offs that my generation is so good at entertaining. They are breaking down the barriers of discrimination, storming the barricades of separation. I have only one thing to ask of them. That they slow down for a moment and hold out their hand.

This book provides both. I can guarantee that Generation X and Y will respond. The short hop over the Rockies in a small Dash 8 aircraft from Calgary was spectacular — especially the flight into Castlegar airport.

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My son, his bride to be — Nancy — and my grandson Callun were there to meet me. The wedding ceremony was next day in the Tibetan Buddhist Gompa. I was expected to wear my Buddhist duds as I was there not only as a Dad but also apparently as a Zen teacher. That evening I had an unforgettable dream, vivid in every detail. The kayak was bright yellow. The short stubby craft was an extension of my body.

My wetsuit was black and I wore a red lifejacket tightly fastened. My helmet was also red.

The shaft of the paddle was black and the twin blades a dancing red. I looked around at the high mountains and forest, noted the mist rising from the swift flowing river before pushing out into the racing eddies straight to the edge of the waterfall. As I went over the edge I raised the paddle high over my head and leaned back into the kayak.

Spiritual Awakenings: Stories of Praise and Redemption

I did nothing to steer or guide it. The descent seemed forever though timeless. Yet in a moment my craft had submerged into the river below and then I was bobbing on the surface paddling downstream.

preptilupmi.tk My lack of insight while dreaming was that I missed my surrender to the fierce current of the waterfall, to the awesome power of the stream of consciousness. Then with lucidity I managed to grasp that reality just before waking up.

12Stone Church - Awakening (Let Your Glory Fall) (Live) with Lyrics

I shared this dream with Iain and Nancy next morning, so they could perhaps see for themselves the surrender to the other necessary for their marriage to work well. I believe they understood. Their dharma and mountain friends enjoyed an incredible wedding in the Tibetan Gompa. I thought about this dream a great deal and the reflections were intensely revealing.

Spiritual relationship with Self and Mother Earth

The guidance in the dream was about surrendering to the stream of consciousness — provided by going over the waterfall without resistance. My long internal journey had obviously done its job, bringing me to the point where transformation and awakening are now internalized and owned.

Loving the Lord #7 – Entering Often into Spirit-Led Praise and Worship

I was no longer a wave in life washing up on some seashore or riverbank and dying without anyone noticing. I had pushed out from the safety of the shore into the middle of the river heading for the waterfall and letting go of all that I grasped onto and liberated myself by choosing to stay in the middle of the river and never return to the safety of the bank, where I would no doubt cling and attach. Instead I chose freedom.