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Order code: x. Compiled by members of the Florida Historical Society, it tells the story of the first settlers and of those who followed them; their homes, stores, and the "Black Dirt" farms; the buildings they worked in; the churches where they worshipped; their children's schoolhouses; their civic organizations; and the taverns where they gathered to discuss the events of the day. The authors write: "We weren't aware of it at first, but it seems the old poscards, photographs, letters, and other memorabilia helped to paint a gentle but energetic picture of early life in the 'sweet little valley' of statesman Seward's birth.

The book is extensively illustrated with old photographs and copies of old maps. It contains cemetery records, including those of Civil War veterans, entries from the ledger of William Randle's Sawmill , lists of homes, and a comprehensive index of residents of Florida until about Subtitle: The Enduring Vision. This is an updated and expanded edition of Professor Richard W. Sugar Loaf is a hamlet and a community—a community of talented, independent-minded people. It is known and visited for its art and craft shops, its theater and inns, and its distinctive charm, which is embodied in a main street of preserved stores, houses, and workshops against a backdrop of hills and farms.

The book is a "walking guide through more than fascinating years of Sugar Loaf's history. Author: Chester Historical Society. It was compiled in celebration of Chester's th year: March 22, The book is extensively illustrated with photographs of citizens, their farms, their houses, and their horses throughout the decades as the town's neighborhoods expanded and grew. The hamlets include Sugar Loaf Craft Village, which, besides its arts and crafts, is also noted for being the birthplace in of Hambleton, "the great progenitor" of future racehorses.

Author: Jubilee History Committee. This is a comprehensive and wonderfully warm book of memories, history, photographs, and records of the school, its students and staff, drama productions, sports clubs, and achievements. There is a special chapter on school life in the s, a list and photographs of yearbook dedications, and every list you could want from this yearbook of yearbooks.

Author: Monroe Historical Society. Researched and compiled by the members of the Monroe Historical Society, this book celebrates the centennial of the village of Monroe, New York, in Hundreds of photographs and memorabilia depict the life and times of the community, including its homes, streets, stores, farms, and parks, as well as recorded events.

They also reveal the changes in transportation and the face of the landscape. There are photographs of Sunday School picnics, bowling teams, the mills and industries, the Monroe High School fire in , the Firemen's Opera House, the creamery that invented Velveeta cheese, and many structures that have disappeared in the name of progress. Author: Cohen, Nancy Lipson.

Subjects: Colonial Life; Regional History. Age: 8, 9, 10, 11, Grade: 3, 4, 5, 6. Throughout the book, Grandma mixes storytelling with visits to museums, hands-on site visits, and discoveries that grow out of the children's observations. What could have been a boring summer turns out to be not only an adventursome holiday but also an in-depth learning experience. The children learn about and see the skeleton of a mastodon at Orange County Community College. Their observation about the beautiful purple loostrife along the road leads to a tale about a young female botanist who lived fifty years before the American Revolution and kept a diary.

The book contains a bibliography for further reading. Theodore W.

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Sly, historian for Orange County, New York, called the book historically correct and added, "I, as an adult, found that I was there Verified Purchase. I have recently discovered the music of Welsh Men's Choirs and love it! This is my favorite CD to date. There's rarely any instrumental accompaniement-and no need for any because the voices are so pure. On some CDs the volume fluctuates and the music is sometimes all but inaudible.

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Editorial Reviews. About the Author. Karenne Griffin is the author of four novels and a travel book. She was born in Australia but has lived most of her life in the. Karenne Griffin is the author of four novels and a travel book. She was born in Australia but has lived most of her life in the UK, and for the past fifteen years in.

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“Life is all About Peaks and Valleys. For Every Valley, There Will be a Peak.”

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