Le pluriel de racisme (FICTION) (French Edition)

Etats-Uniens ou Américains, that is the question
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The head of state is King, syllabicates a word that Macron — Napoleon IV according to disrespectful critics 10 — writes and pronounces with a capital letter. The heroic interpreter of a superior universalism, intent on seizing the spirit from us invisible humans, knocking on the door of the present. It was thus that in , the Soft Power 30 Index of the Portland Consulting Group promoted France to the position of world leader of this impalpable but gratifying speciality, ahead of the United Kingdom, always a brilliant second, followed by the relegated United States and Germany.

Italy is ranked twelfth right behind Switzerland and India table This thanks also to the diffusion of its language of culture among overseas communities — the confetti of an empire that at least on paper attributes an immense oceanic empire to France — undermined at an international level by English, but still co-official in NATO, the EU and the UN coloured map 2. One must not be misled by the rhetoric of the word grandeur.

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It is the French exception that was once the desire for power and is nowadays above a survival instinct. In a word, without power there is no survival. The French are the children of the state. France is the largest country in Europe , square kilometres including its overseas possessions , second after Germany for number of inhabitants 66 million — but is expected to demographically overtake its neighbour across the Rhine soon after the middle of the century.

Semi-Euclidean with its hexagonal shape, enclosed by borders that are almost all natural ones, France has the Channel to the north, the Rhine, the Jura Mountains and the Alps to the East, with the Mediterranean and the Pyrenees to the south and the Atlantic to the west. That is its geography, which Fernand Braudel elevated to an identity marker, identifying the genesis of state unity in the primordial Rhone-Saone-Seine nexus coloured map 3. Also — and why not? History and the media have taught us that three genders inhabit the Hexagon; women, men and state officials.

They are ministers, prefects, cabinet directors, mayors, police officers, academicians and soldiers of every order and rank. They are often well-read, at times haughty — algorithms on two legs devoted firstly to method and then to results. The Englishman found the solution.

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His colleague protested because it did not follow the method set out in the manuals. The jury of wise men assigned the prize to the Frenchman.

A triumph of French theory over Anglo-pragmatism. The Englishman accepted with a stiff upper lip the extrovert heartfelt solidarity expressed openly by an Italian colleague who had watched this clash of civilisations. The Deep State is formed in the preparatory classes of the great schools, with their saucy argot.

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A proud tie-wearing race now once again en marche , miraculously healed by Macron, an undisputed champion of all such classes. Technocracy with its distant slang inspired by the classics, genus irritabile that in serving the young president defeats the old political parties, disqualified ventriloquists of the politique politicienne.

These are the days of the Macronists. It is up to the higher administration, the holder of knowledge, and therefore the truth, to straighten out the state to save the Republic. There are nations that exist or survive for centuries with no state. Not France. The vast majority of citoyens would not perceive themselves as such if orphaned by the institutions. It is a structural crisis. The country, perhaps the most burdened by history in the world, cannot hang on to politically-based redefinitions, to economistic recipes.

Jacobin, prefectural, hyper-centralist and impervious to neo-Girodin federalism, the Deep State, barricaded in Paris, believes it has devolved far too much of its power to the regions and to local institutions, thus it is marching determinedly towards re-centralisation.

LE PATRON RACISTE il refuse d'engager les arabes

Nothing could be less realistic. Embrace neo-Reaganomics?

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This would result in a guaranteed social uprising with extremisms of every possible kind and Macron sent home. These cannot be understood or mended without reconnecting them to the history and geopolitics of the state that does not deny its imperial legacy, nor does it renounce its albeit reduced military projection on the five continents. In it they present a detailed report of rising anti-Jewish hatred in the banlieues. It is an imported phenomenon, spread by immigration of Muslim origin and differs from the classical French anti-Semitism of Catholic, nationalist and right-wing origin of which it does however copy some codes.

The book was coordinated by the historian Georges Bensoussan, who, like the other co-authors, preferred to use a pseudonym. In the course of the past five years, intelligence has reported on 78 plans for terrorist attacks in France, of which 11 succeeded, 17 failed and 50 were thwarted, carried out by direct perpetrators excluding accomplices and those in command.

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Melissa McCarron. Skip to main content. Over the last 20 years, Mexico has experienced an important political transformation more democratic institutional arrangement , relative economic stability, growing non-political forms of violence, increasing integration into the world economy and culture, resulting in a constant requisitioning of the actual meaning and connotations of such terms as a national culture, a national literature, the Mexican intellectual, and Mexican diversity. Designed to span the twentieth century, this seminar will consider topics ranging from the historical European avant-garde, the first film avant-gardes, the neo-avant-garde, New Wave film movements, structural film, and contemporary moving image practice. What is the process by which some historical figures take on mythical proportions?

The bloodbath resulted in deaths and over wounded A strategic outcome resulted in almost two years of a state of emergency — from November 13 th , to October 31 st , — replaced by an anti-terrorism law that preserves the substance, hence sacrificing to security a number of the freedoms at the core of the republican pact. All this while over 10, soldiers are deployed all over France in Operation Sentinel, who are not enthusiastic about the police-related duties assigned to then by the state, which is short of informative and repressive means. It is not possible to establish a direct link between jihadist terrorism and violence aimed at the Jews in France, which has increased since the early s 11 victims between and The fact remains that in the past decade, out of a community of over , souls, 60, have left the Hexagon for Israel because they feared for their lives or simply because they could not stand the insults and the threats.

Many have settled in the Tel Aviv area, some even in the colonies of the West Bank. The rise in immigration, not only Islamic map 1 , and the fleeing of autochthon Jews are the most visible and reported peaks of the ongoing ethnic-territorial fragmentation. His French Fractures outlines the partitioning of the working classes, distinguishing between those origining from the Maghreb and extra-European emigration, concentrating on the cheerless homes of the most anonymous metropolitan districts, and native French or other white citizens installed in suburbs not linked to urban centres and in what remains of rural France This results in strident inequalities and violent rivalry between those patronising places of manufacturing and a pleasant life, evacuated by the poor, even among the lower, downgraded and impoverished bourgeoisie.

We will be looking at technological phenomena including the Renaissance-era invention of perspective, the telescope, cartographical and chorographical innovations, and improved mirrors, and their impact on conceptualizations of the self, knowledge, and power in Machiavelli and others.

But we also will be considering Florentine technologies of representation as the prehistory of the contemporary transformation of the real into digitally-mediated forms via geospatial mapping, network analysis, cinematography, and even videogame production. We will be asking if the Florentines have any lessons to share about the possibilities, dangers, and pleasures of technologized representation. Contrary to popular belief, the Mexican Revolution of began not with a bang, but a whimper.

Led by a short and pampered mystic from the faraway frontier state Coahuila, the Revolution during its first days promised very little save for the possibility of a different face at the helm.

https://zexagipa.ga And yet, what soon transpired were seven long years of brutal fighting throughout the country as different factions vied for power. Some of the slogans born from that Revolutionary epoch came to be heralded during the next 70 years by the ruling political party in order to marshal manpower and produce votes. How has the Mexican Revolution maintained such immense political and cultural cachet for over 70 years? What is the truth of the Revolution? If the goals of the Revolution were not met, then how is it that the Mexican literary intelligentsia of the twentieth century based an entire artistic cosmogony around it?

Which texts should be labeled 'Novels of the Mexican Revolution? This class will investigate such issues via a broad study of the novels, visual culture, and films having to do with the Mexican Revolution, its aporias, and its afterimages. Over the last 20 years, Mexico has experienced an important political transformation more democratic institutional arrangement , relative economic stability, growing non-political forms of violence, increasing integration into the world economy and culture, resulting in a constant requisitioning of the actual meaning and connotations of such terms as a national culture, a national literature, the Mexican intellectual, and Mexican diversity.

In addition, scholarly works, especially in US universities, have developed all sorts of views of Mexican cultures according to all sorts of trendy and apparently radical academic approaches. Altamirano and Justo Sierra to the s cosmopolitan avant-garde of Mexico City; from the reconsideration of Sor Juana by such modernist writers as Amado Nervo to the new consideration of the same poetess by Octavio Paz; from the less known essay and faction writers of the s and s, to the cotemporary very Mexican and very cosmopolitan voices that nevertheless do not access the start system of the work cultural market.

This course explores some of the major examples of everyday life representations both urban and rural in contemporary Catalan culture through the analysis of some novels, short stories, travel writings and films. The course favours a historical, inderdisciplinary and intertextual approach that facilitates interconnected readings of the texts selected for in-depth analysis. In order to enable the students to engage with the texts under study in an informed and scholarly manner, a number of theoretical approaches to everyday life theories will be developped.

Texts and films originally published in Catalan will be provided in translation into English or Spanish.

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Classes will be conducted in Spanish or English. We will be particularly attentive to Victor Hugo's role as an observer of nineteenth-century French society as well as an actor in the political life of his times. All classes and texts in French; presentations preferred in French, but English will be acceptable depending on the concentration. Written work in French or English.

The extravagant claims of these texts are presumed to be of help in describing the ubiquitous attention to art in contemporary affluent societies. A number of more recent essays on aesthetics will also be discussed. Skip to main content. Academic Year - Any - Literatures or Languages - Any - Language Literature. A Topography of Modernity: Cinema in Paris, Jennifer Wild. Daniel Desormeaux. Alison James.