Growing From Intervening Glory to Interceding Glory

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Dutch Sheets will be joining us. Featuring baptism revivals, prophetic expressions, more. We are honored that Dutch Sheets will be joining! And this is fantastic. We are made strong by what every joint supplies. Our expression of this Glory Train movement is under the apostolic oversight of Lamplighter Ministries, in collaboration with leaders and friends locally, regionally and nationally.

We encourage, support and delight in other genuine Kingdom expressions empowering unity, wholehearted pursuit of God, and societal awakening. Jon and Jolene Hamill are passionate followers of Jesus Christ. They love to share His heart and word nationally and internationally through ministry and media. Jon and Jolene are the authors of the recently-published book Crown and Throne: A Field Guide to Spiritual Revolution, which has gained widespread popularity across the nation.

LAMPostings are focused on sharing real-time prophetic revelation and prayer points from Washington DC, and is regularly enjoyed by thousands. In addition, they have authored numerous prophetic teachings which have appeared on the Elijah List, in Charisma Magazine and other publications. But he blew it! Acts ; Peter said concerning Judas Iscariot, he said this man was with us.

He obtained the same Ministry with us: he cast out demons, he performed Miracles but he ended up committing suicide.

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Oh, take the example of the man who is called Joseph in Genesis 39 you can read the story there. Joseph was born to be Great.

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God showed him while he was still young, that every member of his family will come and bow down to him. They said they will kill him, before it will happen. And God moved him from one 1 Test to the other. They sold him to slavery into the house of Portiphar. He was doing great in the house of Poriphar, then one day the wife of Portiphar looked at him and said: this boy, you are fine ooh!

Come and lay with me. How can I do this thing and sin against GOD! But you may never ever become Great unless you get rid of sin in your life. The beauty of it is that the Word of God says in 1 John So when you come to Jesus, His Blood washes away your sins; then you are on your way to Greatness. But if you refuse to surrender your life to the Lord Jesus Christ, you continue in your sins. I will tell you story. If you put two 2 and two 2 you may get the answer.

source A Great humanly speaking man in Nigeria was doing a particular Project. And I was minding my own business Small boy minding his own business.

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And God spoke to me and said: so, so, so wants to become so, so, so. It can only be if he would surrender his life to Me. I said, what do you want me to. He said, Tell him.


He said, I know! Go through those who can reach him. I did, and they reached him; and they told him what I said. You know what he said? He said that will be very difficult. I said fine! I have done my assignment. He touched the goal, but he never got it. He saw the throne, but he never sat on it. So, if you are here tonight or reading and you have not yet surrendered your life to Jesus Christ.

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And you want the Blood of Jesus Christ to wash away your sins so that your way to Greatness can be opened. Am going to count from one 1 to ten Before I say ten 10 run and come and stand before me. I cry to the Almighty God for you; to wash away your sins and then your way to Greatness will be open. But there is only one remedy to sin — the Blood of Jesus cleanses from all sin.


Well, those of you who are already in front and those of you who are still on the way, cry to the Almighty God and say Lord Jesus save my soul, have Mercy on me, let Your blood wash away my sins. I will serve You for the rest of my life. Pray that the One who saved your soul would save their own souls also.

Cry to God for them. Pray that the Blood of Jesus Christ would wash them clean.

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Galatians It is possible, for example, to presume that one is reading the Scriptures in a rational manner, when, in fact, what is imagined to be rationality is only a cultural phenomenon born in early modernity. Dee, Thank you again, for sharing your story. The Provision. You know, the Bible is full of several examples of those who were born Great, but they never became Great! For us as a Church, it is our own beginning of a New Year. As such the depraved conscience can be wrong due to God giving them up because they suppress the truth of the moral law written on their hearts, have incorrect moral knowledge, are deceived by erroneous moral values, are defiled, have ignored pangs of true guilt, have numbed themselves by distractions, or have doubts about whether any absolute values exist Rom.

Intercede for them. Those of you who might still be on the way, keep coming. Just make sure you get here before I finish praying — Come, you are not late yet. Keep coming, today is your Day of Salvation. Tomorrow might be too late. Come now! Let the Blood of Jesus Christ wash away your sins, and open the door to your Greatness. I want to Thank You for all these people who have come forward to surrender their lives to You. Let Your Blood wipe away their sins. Save their souls. Receive them into the Family of God. Father am praying that beginning from now, anytime they call on You: You will answer them by Fire.

Now those of you who have come forward, I want to rejoice with you. Because from now on by the Special Grace of God, I will be praying for you. So am going to need your names, your address and your prayers requests. The Counselors will give you a Card, which I want you to fill very quickly. And then you return it to them. We will wait for you for two 2 to three 3 minutes to do that. Jacob before he was born at all, in Romans ; the Bible says when the mother was pregnant and there were twins in the womb — Two 2 children of the same mother, in the womb at the same time. He said because Jacob I love, Esau I hate.

They say the Elephant never gives birth to a Dwarf. They say the child of an Elephant will be like an Elephant. The day the child of a Lion is born, a King is born. Oh, it may look small when it is born, and you can even play with it when the mother is not around.

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But a King is born! Before Samson was born, in Judges ; God had already said: a Deliverer is about to be born. By the time Solomon was born, in 2 Samuel , the Bible says, the moment Solomon landed this world; God loved him.

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Growing From Intervening Glory to Interceding Glory eBook: Paul Obadiah, Innocent Knox: Kindle Store. Free download. Book file PDF easily for everyone and every device. You can download and read online Growing From Intervening Glory to Interceding Glory file.