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Mother of the Moonrat
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One would rate a book 4. I dabble in the black arts of light and shadow… err mmm… photography, I mean. I am also in great excess of 18 years old. I love spaghetti, chocolate ice cream, coffee and of course, books!

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Sir Edge: A Bowl of Souls Novel Audiobook | Trevor H. Cooley | onnatinalcha.cf

No money received for this review. Like this: Like Loading Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in:. Email required Address never made public. Name required. Ewzad Vriil's keep has fallen and Justan has been reunited with his friends. Justan's bonds with Fist and Gwyrtha have made him stronger and faster, but the more he learns about his powers, the more questions he has. Meanwhile, the kingdom remains in turmoil. The mother of the moonrats still builds the Dark Prophet's army of monsters in the mountains, and the Battle Academy forces are weakened.

The Behemoth was created 1, years ago, its body stretching for miles under Malaroo's swamplands turning them into a dangerous and uninhabitable place. Now it has learned to swallow the peoples of Malaroo and transform them into its own army; a twisted mix of troll and man known as the Trollkin. It hungers to consume the power of the Jharro Grove and if it succeeds the world will be plunged into darkness.

Raised and trained in seclusion at a secret fortress on the edge of the northern wilds of the Kingdom of Ashai, a young warrior called Rezkin is unexpectedly thrust into the outworld when a terrible battle destroys all that he knows. Equipped with skills far beyond those of the outworlders, Rezkin has been suddenly thrust into a foreign world. The young warrior clings to his only known purpose as he continues his search for any information about his identity and the reason for his existence.

Eye of the Moonrat

While the hardened warrior scorns both dueling and tournaments, he believes some of the answers he seeks may be found at the King's Tournament, the greatest dueling championship in all of the kingdoms. Rezkin is an elite warrior who aims to restore order in Ashai after Caydean's attack on the King's Tournament transformed former allies and trading partners into enemies. With no army and only a ragtag group of refugees, Rezkin must wrest control of the kingdom from the mad and powerful usurper, who seems bent on destruction, and this may not be the biggest challenge.

If he fails, the kingdom will be ripped apart, and Rezkin will have violated Rule 1 - to protect and honor his friends. Justan was raised on the outskirts of the Dremaldrian Battle Academy. He watched his father ascend the ranks within the academy to become one of the most respected warriors in the kingdom. The only thing he has ever wanted is to become an academy student and follow the path of his father. Unfortunately, only the best can enter the academy and Justan is a horrible fighter.

Sir Edge: A Bowl of Souls Novel

The story was ruined for me it the forth book of the series, aa I barely finished it. As to that, there is no sex and no cussing, so the book could appeal to older kids, if they can handle th There are too many 5-star reviews IMO, so I'm gonna be specific. Apr 08, Gareth Otton rated it really liked it. Tam O'Bedlam rated it liked it Sep 05, Oh well, I highly recommend this book. There are spies on both sides, assassins on the hunt, secrets to be revealed, and

Everyone tells him that he is more suited to scholarly work than swordplay. In desperation he hurls himself into training, eager to overcome the doubters and walk into the academy triumphant, unaware that secretive powers plot to disrupt his plans. Meanwhile, an evil wizard of immense power is using magic to twist the bodies of the creatures of the land and transform them into monsters.

With these creatures and the peoples of the wilds, he is building an army. Ogres and dragons, warriors and wizards are destined to clash, their fates guided by The Bowl of Souls. Any additional comments? A wonderfully entertaining book. The most short review is for people who have read both Harry Potter and Name of the Wind.

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If you are one of those people, this book's setting, characters, and plot are somewhere between those two. If not, then this is a very creative albeit simply written book. I very much recommend it to just about anyone, but the reason I can't give it a five star rating is because the writing style is just too simple. It isn't a YA book, or even an adult book, more an all ages book, so that can't be used as an excuse.

The foreshadowing, mystery laying, and plot device beginnings have all the subtlety of a one hundred pound sledgehammer in a house of mirrors.

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That aside, you are presented with a simultaneously egotistical and humble protagonist that has a charismatic pull to him. He goes from just being a smart guy to having serious combat skills in your typical middle ages fantasy setting.

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These newly earned skills are logically developed. Seriously, if you do something under a master for one year straight and nothing else, you're going to get really good. Other than that he has these mysterious overpowered powers that are a conflict in and of themselves and come up from time to time.

https://gherwithdpuberne.tk Additionally Cooley, subverts so many of the typical tropes I've come to expect in this type of book. And the ones that he plays straight are done in such a manner that it is just enjoyable to read.

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I will continue to read the series, and hope that his writing style becomes more sophisticated. But if not, it should still be a fun ride. I recommend this book to anyone wanting to scratch that fantastical school or fantasy adventure itch. Would you listen to Eye of the Moonrat again? Tolkien "adult" fantasy. What did you like best about this story? Action, fighting, and adventure with-out the hateful undertones, extreme violence, or ugly views on women, sex, and violence reflected in modern day society.

Which scene was your favorite? Was there a moment in the book that particularly moved you? The scene in which the retired warrior, turned farmer, thanks the Ogre next door for saving his children. It's a "young adult" fantasy. So, you do have to suffer through a few moments of cringing at the juvenile plot twists and actions of complete stupidity by the young hero. These moments are only sufferable when the hero is told by adult characters how juvenile and stupid his actions are.

Featuring a world conceived with great imagination, Trevor H Cooley's "Eye Of The Moonrat" is an epic fantasy tale sure to delight savvy readers. Jan 22, Kathleen rated it liked it Shelves: ya , fantasy-scifi , animals , grim-scenes. There are too many 5-star reviews IMO, so I'm gonna be specific. Deathclaw is a favorite especially, and the rogue horse Gwyrtha sp? The ogre Fist is also a winner, but squirrel? Are we children? As to that, there is no sex and no cussing, so the book could appeal to older kids, if they can handle th There are too many 5-star reviews IMO, so I'm gonna be specific.

As to that, there is no sex and no cussing, so the book could appeal to older kids, if they can handle the torture, mutilation, mutation, etc. There is a little romance, too. Writing quality of entire series: The writing quality is okay but yet somewhat troublesome. I hear the author's modern language too often example: "he's a major player". Cooley writes "pretty much" or "not that much" or "not that bad" etc.

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Unlike Tolkien's Middle Earth, this language just didn't feel like a medieval world. Some plot holes.

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Eye of the Moonrat book. Read reviews from the world's largest community for readers. What if you were terrible at the one thing in the world you wan. See also Jharro Grove Saga Eye of the Moonrat (The Bowl of Souls, #1), Hilt's Pride (The Bowl of Souls, #), Messenger of the Dark Prophet (The Bowl of Book 1. Eye of the Moonrat. by Trevor H. Cooley. · 2, Ratings ·

Example: When Ewzad Vriil died all his mutated monsters died.