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It Scribner Horror. The Langoliers Scribner Horror. Misery Scribner Horror. House 23 Skyhorse Horror.

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But back to zombies.. The basic idea is the scenario, enemy, resources, and retreat. Obviously the enemy at hand is more then likely contagious or as far as it seems from what we know, therefore you would like to keep at least a 3 foot radius away from them, yay? A ball bat of any kind, metal is popular becuz it can take more wear and tear. I would simply, not to be all village people on you but bikers leather, its thick and can take scratches and bites without being dented, a double arm lengthed melee weapon, a bat or crowbar or broom but hopefully something light weight and sturdy ball bat ,a pistol for those last resort moments where there is no way out but through 20 zombies, pistols hold lots of ammo and are accurate but only use for last resort, a backpack with lots of sugary foods, canned goods, and only bottled water, with the foods you should get everything you need so alls that is left is water so no soda…everything here is basic and lightwieght you dont need more or less depending on the time frame, oh and go somewhere secluded but not an attic, no places where its one way in and one way out to hell with that a mountain or large hill where you can see it coming but know your exits and little paths along the way somewhere high where it will take them ages to get to and oh by the way zombies can climb and crawl….

YOUR brain?

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Are you sure about that? Sobe bottle works in desperate situations and there hard enough to work as a club 8. Butcher Knife 9. The noble crowbar is a tragic omission here. A millitary bolt action rifle has a harden stock so you can smash there heads.

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Ralph and Sarah barely escaped the zombieclypse happening to the world, though not unscathed. Sarah is sick, delirious, and infected, while Ralph is out alone. Buy Dead Shelter: Volume 2 (Zombieclypse) by A Rosaria (ISBN: ) from Amazon's Book Store. Everyday low prices and free delivery on eligible.

Single bolt gun with a good scope makes you pick your shots carefully and try and get a silencer on it because you only need to get there heads remember one shot no more than that and you will be fine. I am collecting machetes. I have two military machetes and a life saving bowie knife which has a compass at the end and is hollow which hold matches fishing line and sewing stuff. I also suggest you get a survival box from an army surpluss store and a fire starting kit.

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Stay away from hand guns and revolvers because you have to get close to the zombie and there goes your accurracy and hitting the head with power of some hand guns just dont cover it. I would just weld knives, blades, anything sharp to the front, sides, and back of my truck. Since I live in NJ, I would drive up to the Yukon and just live there for 6 months, then see how everything is, wether or not the living humans won.

I would wear a thick leather jacket, boots, jeans with shin guards, and a pair of sunglasses so I look cool while bashing in the head of a zombie. I say ditto for the supplies you bring, as they are a necisitty, but I would also bring a couple fireworks. Shawn of the Dead showed us how the melee is done! I do have machetes but there not long enough.

With an axe you could just hack off a couple of limbs but taking off the head being the first goal to achieve. For close range weapons, definitely the shotgun. What would be sick is havin a flamethrower to burn those undead to a crisp. Would be worth those sweet, sweet, ten seconds. A zombie on fire is more dangerous than a zombie not on fire, as not only will it not kill it immediately, but it also wont stop it from coming near and grabbing you; setting you alight as well as being bitten. You really think you can slice a zombies head off with a switchblade?

A good mace, if you can find one, would do excellent, due to its ability to crush skulls without sticking. A baseball bat would make a decent substitute, the problem being breakage, weight, and slippage. Explosives, mhm well they would save you from a small group or escaping from a horde…but like someone said in this post you would atracct more, so after using explosivesm,escape.

Did i miss something? Survival philosophy 1: Never let your guard down Survival philosophy 2: Mobility and stealth are your best friends Survival philosophy 3: Scavenge, stockpile, sustain Survival philosophy 4: Plan, prepare, organize Survival philosophy 5: Keep track of the time Survival philosophy 6: Keep well-fit and healthy.

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She inherits a fortune, they marry and still the bodies continue to pile up. F Zup! Then there is the door. Or is it something worse? Then Ig discovers that not only are the horns real, they make people reveal their darkest secrets and desires.

Close range any pistol just make sure if you want only pistols to caryy three or more one for back up and two to weild at once. Snipers no further no I ask another question. In the heat what would the top Vehicle for a Zombie outbreak.

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A bicycle, easy. Doesnt run out of fuel, easy to fix if it breaks down, you can carry it over things, it works perfect in basicly all terrains and its pretty silent so as not to draw attention. Allthough it does lack that wonderfull ability of being able to plow through thick swarms of zombie and mushing them into zombie soup. Heres a list knives. I have serrated ones, and ik that those are 1 time use, but theyre light and thats one more zombie down -2 hammers. Most of the tool is the metal pointy part, and its light, and extremely durable.

Blades get stuck, knives are too short. Baseball bats and Crowbars Jimmy bars are ideal. And only use guns if you are positive you are safe for the moment, because you will run out of ammo, and you will be found. MAYBE a long bowie knife as an absolute last resort. Mind you this is for survival. You should only attack in defence, of yourself or others.

And maybe for sport IF you survive long enough with a group and experience to ensure fortification of something. I dont know what its like anywhere else, but where I live, not everyone has a shotgun, katana or even a crobar. Improvised sports gear would easily be the best; Baseball bats or hockey sticks would do fine. Knives wouldnt do to well as they are for slicing soft tissue rather than hacking through spine or crushing a skull.

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Everyone who says to use a chainsaw would find that it would be too encumbersome and has a finite fuel source. I definatly agree with Jay on the sharp weapons thing, decapitation would be impossible with anything short of a machete or hatchet and even then, most the time it would go half way through. Remeber tudor executions? As for using a sharp object to swing at the skull itself would we like attacking a log of wood, it would penetate very far and would most likely get stuck.

I would still carry a hatchet but for its intended use rather than as a weapon. Blunt weapons are more suited to crushing the skull, maybe damanding more physical strength but a a downward hit an the skull is far easier and far more powerfull that a sideways hack to the neck b it wont get stuck in the skull however sports gear would be weaker than industrial tools so would be less durable hammers have a short reach A crowbar, though not an everyday household item would be the best choice, lightweight, durable and can be of course used for its indended purpose.

The m1 carbine and machete are the best weapons to have in a zombie outbreak from my point of view. I envy all of you that have the guns in the US, me being from the UK is a problem but you will eventually run out of ammo then what would you do. I think about zombie apocylapses often and have a few thoughts of what my weapons would be but when it comes to the time I will hide in the garage. The normal clip size is 30! THe ammo, 5. Pull this thing out and BAM easy headshot easy kill. Preferably a Glock, fairly accurate, large ammo size, tendency to almost never jam.

Id carry 2 extra clips for it in my bag. First you want a long ranged accurate weapon, now in the UK this part is actually slightly tricky. Ideally you want a rifle, these can be obtained but are limited to bolt action and you need a legitimate reason target shooting, hunting, pest control, not home defence.

The easiest method to get a useful weapon i.

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