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Wander around the foreshore or take a cruise on the water to see these two architectural feats from a whole new angle.

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While relatively young compared to other cities around the world, Sydney still has a rich and colourful history. After more than 40, years of habitation by Aboriginal people, Sydney became the first European settlement in Australia when the First Fleet landed at Sydney Cove on 26 January with thousands of convicts in tow.

This European influence is visible in the colonial style architecture of buildings like the Queen Victoria Building and the convict-built Hyde Park Barracks. Lastly I wanted to say that if you are someone who frowns upon randomness then you need to be cautious here. But because of it there is a ton of replay value. Like a LOT of it. Each of the player hero's have different skills that change the way you approach the goals, resulting in needing to adjust strategies based on how the hero's get built on.

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The City of Kings ()​ This world used to be a garden full of life; from the flying Vadora to the deep-dwelling Dwarves – but that was before Vesh came.​ The City of Kings is a co-operative tactical role-playing board game for 1 - 4 players in which your character is tasked with. The City of Kings is a cooperative adventure board game for 1 - 4 players, set in a fantasy world full of intertwining stories and horrific creatures.

Greatly enjoying the game. One person found this helpful. All other gameplay elements are exactly the same as the regular game. Overview of Gameplay- In The City of Kings you will be partaking in a series of story based adventures exploring a tile based variable map trying to achieve a specific goal that is stated on your specific story card. Each player controls a different character and a single worker unit starting out. You will read the bit of story on the story card first to get a nice general idea of the situation and then set out to perform the required task it has listed. As you kill more and more monsters you will level up which in turn increase your characters and workers stats. Once you perform your required quest, you then draw the next story card and repeat with the next quest. There are 4 main quests in each story with added Heroic and Legendary quests to complete if you are up to the challenge. There are four tasks 6 with the added heroic and legendary per story and 7 stories to make your way through so there is a ton of content here. Also there are basic scenarios that you can do that can be done separate from the ongoing storyline if you wish.

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A typical 2 player game that consists of doing just one complete story with the four chapters will take you about an hour to an hour and a half. This could vary depending on how many creatures you have out and have to manage. The turns are surprisingly fast when there are no creatures out as you just whip your actions out and then move the time tracker forward.

Once you get a couple creatures out though you will have the added step of going through whatever abilities they have, although they are pretty quick as well if they are not in line of sight of a player. Personally speaking I really enjoyed the win conditions. With a market FULL of VP based win conditions in games I always enjoy a good game that has varying specific tasks to perform in order to win.

The City of Kings Review - with Solo Mode

Also you could easily lose a day getting enthralled with this game. Once you beat those first 4 chapters, you will want to at least try for the heroic and legendary chapters if only to see what happens next in the story. Board setup is detailed on the very first story card you draw showing which tiles to use and shuffle and how to place them on the table. You also have to set up a few different decks of shuffled cards with space next to each to form the prospective markets for those cards.

Also the character sheets are HUGE and will take up a good deal of space. Slap the anti-knock sheet on top of those and add your wooden pegs to track your stats. Lastly but not leastly you will need a spot to set all the creature tokens and tiles. These will need to be set up in order based on your story and stacked somewhere for easy access when you encounter a creature on the board.

Take down is much the same although you will want to bag up the cards and any other items that you want to keep organized and together such as the creature tiles based around player count. Luckily the game did come included with some plastic baggies as well.

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The dice are of a very nice quality as well and are a little oversized and hefty which I like and have imbedded symbols that are painted. All the cards have a linen finish and are of a good thickness and feel premium. The story cards in particular are oversized and I just love the way they look and feel. I REALLY appreciate the anti-knock trays for the character sheets and in my opinion are a must have when playing this game. There are so many stats to be tracking with the little wooden pegs and I could see these massive character sheets getting knocked super easily.

Think Terraforming Mars X I mean they look awesome and I hate knocking them because they work wonderfully but man, these things are large. The L board also has the stats for your experience and Hope and Morale trackers. The tiles that make up the game are of a nice thickness as well and feel very sturdy. There is no included insert so everything will sit in the box either bagged up or, as with the tokens, in the included trays.

I can tell you this game is one you will want to get an insert for in the long run. The box itself is VERY nice with a glossy look to the words and emblems and it has a good thickness and feel very sturdy.

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The artwork and colors are gorgeous and fit the theme very well. The world that was created for this game is incredible as well and really does an amazing job of drawing you into it. I found myself craving to read ahead on the story cards just to see what happens. And the way the story is intertwined into the gameplay does a great job of pulling you into the world.

Highly impressed in this area. Nothing could be the furthest from the truth in this case. This game does such an incredible job at explaining the game and how to play it that frankly it astounds me. This rulebook has set the bar for all rulebooks in my eyes. That said there are a TON of different abilities for the creatures you will encounter. Luckily there is a separate book made specifically for those abilities that you can reference.

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I always keep that out as during any game you will encounter a plethora of different abilities. The map itself is unrevealed so you can also discuss possibilities on where you want to move your individual workers and plan on what they are going to work towards as far as gathering resources.

However it really boils down to you really focusing on your own character as they are very deep individuals once you start leveling them up and gaining new abilities. So as the game progresses into the longer stories, the more you will slip into your own little world trying to manage your character.

The first time I played it I spent a day going through the first 3 stories I died on the very first one learning the fight mechanics. I attribute a lot of that fun factor to the great story and how it ties to the gameplay.