Choose Wisely to Kill

You Are The Average Of 5 People – Choose Wisely
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We have a list of all the killstreaks here for you and the number of kills to get them.

You will need to unlock most of these as you level up through the game, and the Nuke isn't a choice really, you just get it if you are a badass. Once you unlock the kill-chain perk, things really heat up as your killstreak kills will start to count towards your next killstreak, making them much easier to get.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare raises the stakes once again in Infinity Ward brings a raw and provocative take on the first-person shooter, shining a gritty light on the changing nature of modern combat.

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So why is the company making it difficult to get the best experiences even with its own software like the Edge browser or Microsoft Teams? This is just getting stupid.

Ensure you love your first nursing job — choose wisely!

It would be easy to believe that Microsoft is dumping Cortana and recent rumors about its removal from more consumer products reinforce that notion. Here is how the company believes Cortana can actually be your true digital assistant at the office. These are all Xbox One games with baked-in Dolby Atmos support so far.

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Editorial Reviews. About the Author. Born in Montana. Educated in several universities here Choose Wisely to Kill - Kindle edition by Richard Stephenson. Choose Wisely to Kill by Richard J Stephenson, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide.

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You Are The Average Of 5 People – Choose Wisely

For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. One will protect you, the other eight will then try to kill you. Choose wisely Thread starter DC Start date Aug 3, DC Well-Known Member.

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Messages 34, Points I've shamelessly stolen this from my Facebook wall, but thought it was a nice little poser, so brought it to TWO. Maxximus Chaotic Good Forum Leader. Messages 15, Points All day. Who else can get off world? A Predator? Good luck against the Galactic Empire. Even if the rest of those chumps could get off world they'd be smoked by the Death Star.

Come at me, Logan.

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Have fun with your unbreakable bones when you're getting force choked to death every 15 minutes. Terminator and Robocop would be reprogrammed to be my body guards. Marv might kill Storm Troopers but ? Same with Hellboy, same with Dredd. The Batman? You got force lightning repellant on that belt, asshole? Messages 23, Points Are they as individuals, or are they bringing their boys?

If they've got posse, Vader, because put, like, a towel over that hole in the Death Star and you're good to go. As an individual, The Terminator, because he's a robot, so he'd be loyal.

One Will Protect You, Others Will Try To Kill You! Choose Wisely..

Wolverine's similar, but he's human, so he might change his mind. Only really Marv and Robocop would be on their own. I'm sticking with Vader because of trust. I know there is still good in him. The Beltster Well-Known Member. Messages 22, Points I was going to pick Terminator, but Wolverines claws could cut through the Terminators skeleton, so he could behead him with one swipe.

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Game over Terminator. Same with Robocop. Same with Batman.

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Patricia says:. We are all messengers. If you want to make the choice to live a Level 10 life in ALL the key areas of life — money, success, health, relationships, business, etc. We learn it as a way to control our situation…and others. I love your post. This is just getting stupid. How many voices does Seth McFarland voice on family guy.

Predator was beaten by a human so he stands no chance. All this plus Wolverine regenerates quickly, he got shot in the head many times and within a few seconds he's up and running again.

Everything we do, don’t do, say, and don’t say are choices.

So I'd have to pick him. The only thing Vader has to make me even consider him is he could probably use the force to twist any of them into a pretzel. Ciaran The King Legend in the making Subscriber. Messages 9, Points Lord Vader of course, although he did pussy out at the end.