A Darkness Of The Soul

Darkness in the Soul
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I got lost as most of us do. I stumbled and I fell.

And I got tricked by darkness into thinking it was Light. A pain I have never felt in my whole life and trust me, I felt a lot , and a pain I hope to never feel again. I felt abandoned, lost, fearful and all alone. I felt a loneliness so deep that it pierced my heart and it shook my whole world. People are afraid to be alone with themselves, away from other people they love, but the loneliness I felt had nothing to do with this. It was a pain so deep and a darkness so profound… And from that place, I Knew no human trick and no human power was capable of saving me from that place.

The Dark Night of the Soul

And I knew only God could take me back to the Light. We believe everything we see. They only care about how it all looks on the surface. They only care about making themselves and their lives look perfect on the outside, failing to realize that the inside is falling into pieces. They only care about the world, failing to realize that the world only cares about itself.

kpathway.com/wp-includes/mansfield/jehub-matthew-lombardi.php The world only cares about taking away your soul from you. As it is written in the New Testament:.

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Is anything worth more than your soul? There is a secret wound we, as human beings have, and this deep wound comes from thinking and living our lives with this false and for many quite subtle belief that we are flawed, sinful and lacking the pure and everlasting Love God entrusted us with from the beginning of all creation.

Darkness Of The Soul | Ron Azevedo

Hence the same loving wisdom that purges and illumines the blessed spirits purges and illumines the soul here on earth. Yet a doubt arises: Why, if it is a divine light for it illumines souls and purges them of their ignorance , does the soul call it a dark night? In answer to this, there are two reasons this divine wisdom is not only night and darkness for the soul but also affliction and torment.

First, because of the height of the divine wisdom that exceeds the abilities of the soul; and on this account the wisdom is dark for the soul. Second, because of the soul's baseness and impurity; and on this account the wisdom is painful, afflictive, and also dark for the soul.


Most people think, when they hear this familiar piece of proverbial spiritual wisdom, that it must have come from some historical and venerable source. Oct 21, Spencer rated it really liked it. Readers also enjoyed. The first is that authentic spiritual growth requires monumental struggle and tragedy. Gods silence is Gods way of helping you let go of your idols and concepts of virtue and v It goes something like this: We cling to our beliefs and our people because we are scared to loose them. Recommended by my friend, Carmen, I am reading it now in preparation for our study of John of the Cross. More Details

To prove the first reason, we must presuppose a certain principle of the Philosopher: that the clearer and more obvious divine things are in themselves, the darker and more hidden they are to the soul naturally. Hence when the divine light of contemplation strikes a soul not yet entirely illumined, it causes spiritual darkness, for it not only surpasses the act of natural understanding but it also deprives the soul of this act and darkens it.

This is why St. Dionysius and other mystical theologians call this infused contemplation a "ray of darkness" - that is, for the soul not yet illumined and purged.

Finding the Gift in Darkness

The Dark Night of the Soul is a painful process that heralds change, transformation and ultimately embodiment of the Divine. Are you feeling these 7 omens?. Anyone may go through a period of sadness or challenge that is so deep-seated and tenacious that it qualifies as a dark night of the soul. Not long ago I was.

David also said that clouds and darkness are near God and surround him [Ps. Hence he next declared that clouds passed before the great splendor of his presence [Ps. As a result, when God communicates this bright ray of his secret wisdom to the soul not yet transformed, he causes thick darkness in its intellect.

Luminous Darkness

It is also evident that this dark contemplation is painful to the soul in these beginnings. Since this divine infused contemplation has many extremely good properties, and the still unpurged soul that receives it has many extreme miseries, and because two contraries cannot coexist in one subject, the soul must necessarily undergo affliction and suffering.

This is a delicate Phase which must be dealt with great Wisdom and above all, with great, profound Humility.

Personal Transformation *Through The Dark Night Of The Soul * Guided By Lilian B. Eden

Make yourselves very, very small, do not pretend to have the Answers, do not try to understand why Now the password is Acceptance. There is nothing to Fear from Darkness, it can also be a friend, it can envelop and cradle us.

Dark Night of the Soul – Feminine Awakening – Episode 50

It can also be a Darkness that hides situations that must not be clarified, that the Mind must not know. So Darkness can also be Beneficial. For those of us who are living this Moment of Darkness, there is need for Silence, not for Planning. Do not draw attention to yourselves and let the Situations flow, almost without being aware of it.